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Verena Brysch


Besides skiing, I love math, horseback riding, and running. I play basketball on the HSS Senior Girl’s team and I swim for the Hope River Monsters Swim Club. At age five I had my first encounter with skies. I was in the Nancy Greene program at Manning for three years and now I coach skiing at the Manning Ski Club. I decided to become a coach to inspire and to create confident skiers, while saving to attend university. I’m most looking forward to seeing the progress each skier makes and my goal is for every skier to return to their parents at the end of the day with a warm nose and bright smile.

“A pair of skies is the ultimate transportation to freedom.”

Julius Brysch

My name is Julius Brysch and I am a retired ski racer: I have raced for Manning Ski Club and I competed at the 2018 BC Winter Games as a member of the Sasquatch Mountain ski team. I have gathered a lot of skiing experience over those years. I became a ski coach because I want to share my passion for skiing with young athletes. My goal is to make sure that everyone in my group stays safe and returns home happy every Sunday. In coaching, I want to focus on good skiing technique to develop confident skiers.  Thank you for signing up with Manning Ski Club. See you on the hill!